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About me

I love colors and collage

In the stillness of a world on pause during COVID lockdowns, I found solace in exploring my creative instincts. I decided to pick up design as a minor while pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Science ( Medical Sciences) at the University of Sydney. It soon flourished from a simple curiosity to a power that allows me to put out my thoughts to the world. I want to foster innovative product solutions that can potentially transform lives by combining the knowledge I gained in health sciences with the limitless possibilities in design. I'm thrilled to have you join my journey exploring the synergy between these seemingly distinct fields!

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AR Dating Apps

An innovative approach to meaningless dating app experience using the technology and Augmented Reality and Geolocation. I wish using this project to bring back the organic interaction between users' inner self and their future partner.


Co-Creative Mind Pod

This multisensory that is built with a fusion of technologies such as Arduino, Processing, and Auto Desk, serves the purpose of emotional healing in high pressure medical environments. It advocates for co-design for visual and sound artists, medical professionals, legal team, and etc to all be a part of the developmental process.

Ttrolley 1-1_edited_edited.jpg

Stairs Assist

Fabrication project A solution to pulling heavy items up the staircase Applied skills: Laser Cutting, Woodwork, Rhino

Museum Experience Redesign

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